And All the Men Who Learned
to Hate Them

John, I see your Billy Bragg cover, and I raise you one Minutemen cover. Not exactly a union song per se, but a call to arms and the song that’s been in my head on continuous repeat for about the last two years. Feel free to download, link, share, whatever. Power to the people!

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all these men who work the land
should evaluate themselves and make a stand
can’t they see beyond the rhetoric
the lies and promises that don’t mean shit

and all the men who learned to hate them

they keep themselves hidden away
they keep themselves upon the hill
afraid of the day they’ll have to pay
for all the crimes upon their heads

and all the men who learned to hate them

Side note, just as a heads-up: anyone disappointed with the lack of activity on this site is urged to check out the tumblr at right, easily subscribed to via rss, which I update almost daily and has become my kinda default hub for internet activity. See you over there.


[...] singing the traditional  "Power in a Union"; bassist Peter Hughes responded by with a video of the Minutemen's "Themselves" at his own site. And now, as a benefit for Japan, Darnielle is auctioning the only copy in the [...]

Posted by The Three Songs You Need to Download This Week - Techland - on Mar 16 11 at 1:20 pm

Project Mersh, indeed! Very nice, esp’ly sample-scape in background–oh wait, that’s my classical still playing in iTunes…
New Solutions via the New, New Wave: thank you, Mr. Hughes!

Posted by Mar-D on Mar 16 11 at 5:00 pm

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