Going to C a s s a d a g a

Tarbox Road

John and I drove down here last week to record a Mountain Goats album.


You might know producer Tony from his work with Belle and Sebastian,
but there's also a good chance that he's 'ad yer maw'r as well.
(Don't worry, it's just a bb gun, and he didn't go Phil Spector on us.)


Tarbox Road is the studio where Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips record all their stuff.
The control room is suitably impressive.


The tracking room is big and open and sounds great.


Michael from the Flaming Lips was our assistant engineer (!).


Seeing the master tapes for one of my favorite records of the last decade was kinda neat.


Funny poster and photo juxtaposition.


The Peavey toilet is a nice touch.


recording photos